Your Privacy Does Not Matter At All To Us

And even if it did there is not much we could do to protect it. We are a one man operation, and while we will try to keep your information safe, it is unlikely we will succeed.

So rather than try to keep your information safe, we simply don't collect much information.

I strongly suggest that you go to The EFF and install privacybadger.


The Vortprovizo site uses cookies to know who you are. There are other ways to know who you are, but cookie are the simplest way.

Personal Information

We store your email address, so that you will be able to recover your login if you forget your password. We also need to know what languages you consider yourself a native speaker in, so that we can use your knowledge in that language to improver Vortprovizo for user that don't know your language.

The other information that Vortprovizo knows about you is only going to be how you answered quizzes, and I don't think that is going to be very valuable to anyone.

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